Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes in the Confessional

These 7 Quick Takes are for the awesome blog Conversion Diary!
  1. Directions to the confessional
    in Medjurgorje
    I remember one priest telling us that if you don't know your sins, to ask your spouse.  They'll have plenty for you.
  2. I recently learned that priests do penances for the sins they hear during confession.
  3. When I was first married, a priest lived behind our house for 10 years.  I was always outside yelling at kids and dogs.    I usually went to monthly confession.  While I waited in the confessional line, I was hoping it wasn't my neighbor, but it was.  After confessing a few sins I said, "I haven't been very patient lately, you've probably heard me yelling."  With a big smile the priest said, "Not since it's winter".
  4. I went to confession twice on my trip to Medjugorje.  Once was to a priest from Canada.  The next was to a priest from Germany.  He heard my sins in English, but he said, I'm going to absolve you of your sins in German, because I know the language better."  It was cool because I still understood every word.
    The priest in the middle is the
    German priest hearing confessions.
    I'm next in line.
  5. My brother-in-law told us over the holidays that he decided to go to confession.  My brother-in-law is what you may call a "good ole boy".  He can spin a yarn pretty well.  He told us that he walked into the rectory and said "Get a priest, I want to make a confession". So the secretary gets a priest, and they go into an office.  They both sit down.  My brother-in-law rares back in his chair and begins his confession like this.  "Well I may say a few cuss words, if I hit my thumb with a hammer you may hear a Mother..F....r.  We all laughed at his story, but I thought you know, that takes guts.  What better time to get it all out?
    I just can't imagine how priests keep a straight face some times.
  6. When teaching Religious Education to 7th graders, I got to be with them during a penance service.  Most of the kids had not been to confession since their first one in the 3rd grade.  Two of the kids' confession was most memorable to me.  The first one is of a girl that made her very first confession.  She was nervous going into the confessional.  She came out with a big smile and she was crying.  She quietly went into a pew, knelt down and prayed.  Her face glowed and became radiant.
  7. The second one is about one of the "cool" kids.  He was wearing a blue knit hat and he asked me if he should take it off.  I told him he should and he gave it to me to hold.  He went nervously into the confessional.  When he came out he said "I feel so relieved".  All the kids had the same penance, one Our Father.  This boy told me he didn't know the Our Father by heart, and could I help him.  So we went into a pew and held hands.  I will never forget how I felt at that moment.  Holding his hands, reciting the Our Father together.


  1. These were great! I didn't know priests did penance for the sins they hear. Makes me appreciate them all the more.
    The third Quick Take made me laugh!