Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gay, Catholic, and Chaste

 "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?"
-Pope Francis

My friend asked me if I knew anyone who was Gay, Catholic and Chaste.  I didn't.  I began researching and found a well-spring of talented speakers and writers who are practicing Catholics, Gay and Chaste. 
With the New Evangelization in the church, I think it is important for Catholics to understand the teaching on homosexuality and to assist in supporting gay (or rather same-sex attracted) people on their journey with Christ. There is also a link below for parents.

Homosexuality and Chastity in the Catholic Church

Steve Gershom (Joseph Prever):
Melinda Selmys:  


There is a website called with videos on Homosexuality and Chastity in the Catholic Church.  You have to create an account but it just takes a minute.
"What you’ll find here are videos by a group of faithful gay Catholics who believe in the Church’s teachings about marriage and sexuality. We’ll talk about what that teaching is and why we’ve embraced it, the spiritual riches that we’ve found within the Church, the obstacles and misunderstandings that we’ve faced, and the ways that Catholics can help to support gay people who seek the Lord with good will.I haven’t watched these yet, but when we were filming them, I think my favorites were “Falling in Love” and “Gay Saints.” There’s also a section specifically for parents -Eve Tushnet